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I promise that, from this day forward, without exception, this site will represent, always and forever, to the best of my ability, my undying desire to never accept, never settle for, anything less than -- except when the situation warrants it, of course -- my unceasing desire for (and I know you'll let me know when I slip even the slightest bit), that which might be damn near impossible to achieve, but which I feel, through dedication and hard work, can be achieved, and furthermore I declare that this site will never, ever -- and I'm very aware you should never say never -- and I do not say this lightly (I only wish words could convey how strongly I felt), be anything but the most absolutely, positively, without equivocation or excuses, perhaps all that and a whole lot more, my only hope being that I can uphold such lofty objective, and that, no matter what, I will never, ever, stop trying, you have my word on it.